Consulting Model

We take organisations through all three stages of transformation to drive growth (as mentioned on the home page).

  • Customer Experience Innovation and Design
  • Operating Model Innovation and Design
  • Business Model Innovation and Design

We take a tools based approach to deliver predictable outcomes. We use Design Thinking and Voice of Customer tool set for developing deep customer insights and for experience and products/services design. Other tools include emotion map, customer journey map etc.

For Operating Model innovation, we use a combination of Capability led Operating Model Design and outside-in transformation framework. We use Strategy Maps and Balanced Scorecard to develop deeper insights into the business and customer strategy.

We work through the operating team to develop implementable recommendations. We focus on delivering early results to keep operating team motivated. This leads to knowledge transfer and ownership of recommendations.

We commit to hard business outcomes as engagement deliverable and also work on business outcome based fee. We can commit business outcomes like revenue growth and other customer facing metrics like churn rate, cost of acquisition, cost to serve etc, depending on specific customer situation. We aim to drive strategic change that is lasting than just tactical problem solving.