Re-imagining Strategic Growth through "Customer Centricity and Innovation"

Strategic Growth

Strategic growth is delivered by creating natural customer pull by focusing on differentiated proposition and value. It relies on creating a right to win in the market place by aligning strategy, business model and unique customer needs. This in turn accelerates growth.

Most firms try to grow rapidly but somehow get trapped in popular industry practices to achieve that. These are practices which become the popular narrative in every industry as they deliver quick but short term results. Firms start using these tricks when their propositions become undifferentiated and they become more product focused than customer focused.  This shows up in the form of:

  • Low conversion rate,
  • High cost of customer acquisition,
  • Poor customer and employee satisfaction, and
  • High cost of serving the customer.

Research has demonstrated that a customer centric business model consistently delivers better return as firms focused on customers have unique understanding of customer needs and create far superior value for customers. They develop better products and attract more profitable customers. They grow by sweating their business model and not just their operating model.  

We help you become more customer centric and align your business model with the true value that your customers are seeking and put you on path of accelerated growth.

Customer centricity also helps them get more out of innovation as they can get faster feedback from customers allowing them to focus on value creating initiatives. We also aim to create systems to help you continually fine tune the business model based on customer feedback.

Our Mission

Our goal is to help companies find their true inspiration and natural right to win in the marketplace. This enables accelerated profitable growth.

Our Approach

We  take three stage approach:

  • Develop Customer Insights: Improve Voice of customer processes and analysis. Creates customer centric culture. 
  • Refine Customer Strategy: Improve customer experience and Customer proposition (value).  Reduces Customer Churn and improves growth.
  • Refine Business Strategy and Business Model: Align business strategy and  business model with customer needs. Accelerates growth and profitability. 

Strategic Value Growth Model

Strategic Value Growth Model


Value grows in steps. First step is relationship value, which becomes base for operating model innovation. Business Model innovation follows through co-creation between customers, motivated employees and other stakeholders.

Our Approach: